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Default User Icon Andrew Tain, Ross-shire
Profile dated 10/05/2006 06:41:45
Next Birthday: 08 July 2018  (112 days)


For anyone who is interested, I have now left Suffolk for sunny Scotland.

My wife Debbie and I have spent many lovely holidays up here and last September, she decided that as her health, (she has a chronic chest problem), seemed so much better with the clean air up here, we ought to move.

Much easier said than done though, with Gemma my eldest, having just started a well paid office job and Holly in her last year of her A level exams before going off to University on the south coast of England, we had to leave them behind which was a very major wrench, with many tears.

Another huge wrench for me was leaving my wildlife garden which I had spent so many years creating; I still miss it very much, especially as the place we are renting at present doesn’t even have garden to speak of.

Richard and Nadia have settled in at Tain Royal Academy, Debbie has a part–time job in the Co Op and I have a casual position as a postman, but we really want to buy a house with a garden up here.

That’s about it for now.


PS I have left my previous profile below for reference.

Hello,I am forty four with a wife and four children, three girls and a boy.
We are buying a rural ex-council house which we have lived in for eight years.
My garden is about one 170 feet long by about forty feet wide at the bottom tapering to about twenty feet wide at the top.
The top third houses mine and my wife, Debbies greenhouse, and our shed. It is also home to my nusery and the childrens football area which clash sometimes as there is no separating fence or hedge.
We have a small front garden which is Debbie's domain, she has only recently got into gardening so is experimenting.
I have been addicted to gardening for about ten years and the bottom two thirds of the back garden is my paridise. I have created, with hedges and trees, an area in the summer screened off from any houses and apart from neighbours noises and the nearby A12 I can be in a world of my own.
I grow mainly British Wildflowers but recently trying more European species and attempting to grow nursery grown Hardy Orchids and Hardy Cyclamen
I also sell a few plants locally to try and make the gardening pay for itself.
Oh! by the way my flower icon is a Bee Orchid, Ophrys apifera if anyone wonders.
Thanks for taking the trouble to read this.


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