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joanna joanna
Profile dated 10/03/2017 10:20:25
Next Birthday: 30 June 2018  (65 days)

Not long ago I moved house. I am still in Cornwall though. I now live out in the countryside at the end of an unmade road, so no more boy racers.
It is very quiet here apart from distant bird scarers, but I''''ve got used to those. I think the birds are used to them too. because my garden is full of birds. In addition to varieties that I saw in my other garden, I am visited by bullfinches, jays and long-tailed tits. When we had that really cold weather I also had redwings. There is a little wren that comes to bathe every day in an inch of water in a pot just beneath my kitchen window.

I haven''''t done anything much to the garden yet. I am waiting to see which plants pop up before I add or subtract anything. I have done a little pruning, but there is more of that to do.

I have a wonderful view from my kitchen window over a valley to some engine houses in the distance. I am so lucky to be living here.

I have recently had the canopy lifted on the ash trees at the end of my garden, as I am going to have a studio built there.
I have only recently started gardening again as I broke my wrist in May, and then had a fall in the bath a couple of months ago and bruised or cracked my ribs. It has been so frustrating watching the weeds grow! But I''''m back on track again now.

Well, that was a couple of years ago now. My wrist is all healed up. My studio is built. The garden has changed quite a bit. I''ve got a gardener to help me. We''ve dug up four old Hydrangeas. They were too big for the garden. I''m finding some more interesting plants to fill the gaps.
I''ve also dug up 6 sheets of corrugated iron, one of corrugated asbestos and a tiled hearth surround. I found these while digging a hole to bury my late dog. I''''m not going to dig any more deep holes. I think previous owners buried all their rubbish out there! Who knows what I might find!
Now I need a load of topsoil to fill the dents made by all this digging. A gardener''s work is never done!

I''ve now been here for just over 6 years. The garden keeps changing as they do. I have had to have a new fence built. The old posts were rotten at the bottom and would not survive another winter storm. I''''ll have to move some plants as the new fence is on a slightly different orientation.
Sadly three dogs have died since I moved here. I adopt older dogs as they seem less popular in the rescue centres. I now have a Lurcher and an old Staffy, both lovely of course. I have four cats. The newest one arrived two days ago, a gorgeous tortoiseshell girl, whose previous owner had died.
I haven''''t done much outside for a month or so. The ground is so soggy. I''''ve planted up a few pots that are dotted around. Roll on the Spring!

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