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Fertilisers and Composts
Decorative Pebbles
A leading brand name in decorative pebbles and stones. With 129 Different colours and sizes available to select from.
Deer Scram (Deer & Rabbit repellent)
Keep deer away from your garden with Deer Scram deer repellant. Deer Scram is guaranteed to get rid of your deer problem - or your money back! Deer Scram is also an effective fertilizer and rabbit repellant.
VermiSell - Worms, Compost,Asparagus Crowns (Plants), Grow Bags
Wormcast compost, manure mulches, compost bins and wormeries, asparagus crowns/plants, mealworms, worms for composting waste.
Wiggly Wigglers
Wiggly Wigglers supplies thousands of customers across the UK with worms. Inside you will find 'Worms that Work' to provide you with a range of practical solutions to your composting, soil-improvement and gardening problems.
Worms Direct UK
The premier worms website for composting, live pet foods and fishing bait!
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