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A small Irish garden
A small Irish garden - says it all really - beautiful!
Alan and Kathryn's Allotment site
Life on the allotments with chickens and Polytunnels.
English Country Garden
A catalogue of birds, animals, insects, flowers and trees found in an English Country Garden.
Gardening and Wildlife
Gardening and garden wildlife throughout the year in words and pictures in a Northern England garden.
Gardening Tips
Featuring free gardening tips, including organic gardening tips, landscape gardening tips, vegetable gardening tips and more.
Marks Garden Plants
Marks Garden Plants - a plantoholics paradise -is an ever expanding site filled with macro photos of flowers taken by Mark. It was originally plants growing in his own garden but it rapidly extended to include those growing in other gardens. All photo albums are arrannged alphabetically.
Moosey's Country Garden
Moosey's Country Garden is a large and beautiful rambling country garden, with an emphasis on foliage plants.
My British Garden on the Web
If you are looking for help in your garden take a look around my site. The information contained in these pages is based on my practical experiences as Head Gardener for the University of Cambridge.
Organic Gardening with Gill
How to garden Organically, which Gill has been doing successfully for years.
Quinta das Abelhas
Organic Smallholding in Central Portugal
Tasmanian Gardeners create Eden
The story is told with humour and illustrated with stunning garden photos of two elderly Tasmanians creating their Paradise
Water garden and pond specialists
Vaughan-Watson specialise in bringing water into the garden, whether you are just looking for a small water feature, a wildlife pond or a koi pool. We have the experience, enthusiasm and the ability to turn your ideas into something special and unique.
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