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Floral Arrangements
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Step by Step Flower Arranging
By Jackie H.

Simple Spring arrangement

You will need...

  • Catkins (Garrya eliptica)
  • One Bunch of daffodils
  • Ivy foliage
  • Arum italicum leaves
  • Small plastic saucer
  • ¼ block of oasis
  • vine wreath ring for outer edge for a rustic look
1. Tape the wet floral foam into a shallow plastic saucer and place the vine ring around the outside to give a rustic look . Cut off any damaged or large leaves from the garrya branch so the catkins are in full view. Insert the tallest piece towards the back bring the small twigs forward , to let the catkins drape across the branch.
Step one
Step two
2. Place large Ivy leaves at the base of the dish and trail pieces over the edge of the vine ring.
3. The daffodils want to look as they are 'growing' so radiate them from the centre of the arrangement, turning their heads different ways so they are not all facing forward.. this could make the arrangement look rather flat and uninteresting.
Step three
Step four
4. Insert flower heads lower down in the design, bringing the colour through to the base and complimenting the varigated leaves of the Ivy. Fill in any spaces at the base with foliage.
5. The design is finished off with Arum italicum, leaves weaving through the flowers.
Step five
This arrangement will need toping up with water each day as it is in a shallow container.

Garrya eliptica can be preserved at this time of year with glycerine. You will need 1 part glycerine to 2 parts boiling water. Pour the water on to the glycerine and stir well. You will need approx two inches of the fluid. Place your FRESHLY cut plant material into the solution and leave until it changes colour. This will take about three weeks. Store the branches in tissue paper in dry conditions, when not in use and if used carefully in dried arrangements it should last for many years.

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