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Floral Arrangements
Mothers Day
Supermarket Flowers
Step by Step Flower Arranging
By Jackie H.

Mothers Day

Bunches of spring flowers given for Mothers day have to be the best gift ever.You may not instantly think of putting blues and yellows together in a display, but you only have to look at blue Iris to see the wonderful effect these two colours have on one an other. My twisted hazel was given to me last year, but if you go out and pick some now the catkins will really add to the arrangement.

You will need...

  • A tall glass vase
  • 3 or 4 Stems of Corylus avellana 'Contorta' (Twisted Hazel)
  • or Salix matsudana 'Tortuosa (Twisted Willow)
  • One bunch of Anemones (blue)
  • One bunch of Tulips (yellow)
1. The Twisted Hazel stems are acting as the mechanics for this arrangement. Push them firmly into the vase so enabling them to hold the stems of the flowers safely.
2. Arrange the Anemone in and around the twigs distributing the colour evenly.
3. Use the twigs to support any shorter stems of the tulips making sure that the bottom of the stems are reaching the water. Don't forget that the tulips will 'twist and grow' on the arrangement and they may need adjusting in a few days time..
Any spring flowers can be used for this type of arrangement you could add daffodils to make the design look fuller if you wish, but be careful , as the arrangement can look very 'confused' and you may lose the beauty of the twisted twigs.

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