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Floral Arrangements
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Step by Step Flower Arranging
By Jackie H.

Easter Flower Arrangement

Picking flowers from the garden may be quite daunting for some people , I have just chosen a few flowers from each clump or bush to show you that you need not decimate the garden to bring spring indoors.
Remember that your flowers will need to have a good drink prior to arranging. Place them in a bucket of water with some cut flower food crystals (you can purchase these in small sachets from the florist or garden centre) .Leave your flowers in water for at least two hours before attempting to arrange them.

You will need...

  • 3 Ferns
  • Ivy leaves assorted
  • 3/5 stems Ribes or similar blossom
  • Camellia blossom
  • Assorted Daffodils 10 to 15 stems
  • 3 stems of Hyacinth
  • 5 stems of Grape hyacinth
  • 1 stem of Hellebore
  • 5 stems of Primula
  • Shallow dish
  • Half a block of floral foam
  • Piece of drift wood ( not essential)
  • Bunnies or Chicks for that Easter 'Look'
1. Tape the wet floral foam into the shall dish and place behind the wood if being used (small pieces or old dead root would look pretty). Place the ferns toward the back and flowing around the base . Insert Ivy leaves and trials to disguise the floral foam. Insert the tallest piece of Ribes towards the back and grade the others down towards the centre and around the sides. Place the Hellebore in the centre.
Step one
Step two
2. Dot the daffodils evenly around the design starting with the tallest , grading down and making sure that you place some of the colour right at the back of the arrangement , this gives movement to the design. Place the two Camellia heads at the base of the arrangement to add visual weight.
3. Next insert the Primula heads, these of course will all be shorter stems so placing them across the arrangement will distribute the colour evenly. If you are using a piece of wood make sure some of the bright coloured heads are tucked around the back.
Step three
Step four
4. Insert cocktail sticks up through the fleshy stems of the hyacinth, this will make it easier to place in the foam. Then place the three hyacinth heads towards the centre to produce a focal point, and then the matching grape hyacinth can be inserted in and around the base, therefore breaking up the boldness of the cerise Primula flowers.

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