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Floral Arrangements
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Step by Step Flower Arranging
By Jackie H.

Garden Border arrangement

The garden border looks like a true cottage garden at the moment and it is always pleasing to bring a little of this indoors. If you are on the other side of the world I am sure that you will be able to find a few bits and pieces indoors to emulate this arrangement. We can always find substitutes; there is no need to follow the ingredients to the letter!

You will need...

  • Purple cow parsley
  • Weigela or other flower shrub
  • Dicentra (bleeding heart)
  • Bluebells
  • Viburnum opulus (guelder rose)
  • Aquilegia (columbine)
  • Tellima grandiflora
  • Chive flowers
  • Aconitum spikes (Monkshood )
  • One block of floral foam soaked in water
  • A large tray or trough
1. The floral foam should fit neatly into a container without the need of tape as a whole block is quite heavy. We are not putting any flowers in that will jeopardize the balance. Insert the Weigela in the foam across the container and flowing over the sides.
step 1
Step two
2. To judge the height the vertical placement needs to be at least one length of the container for it to be visually correct. Place the Aconitum on the edge of the floral foam and repeat for the Tellima. Now you have the basics for the arrangement.
3. The Dicentra naturally flows so we can insert this to follow the line of the Weigela over the edges of the container. Place blue aquilegia below the Tellima to mirror the colour of the Aconitum. Now begin to fill in with the Cow parsley.
Step three
Step four
4. When you now look at the arrangement it is just a matter of filling in the spaces as if it is a garden border. I have finished the design by filling in with bluebells, chives, Viburnum opulus and a few small hosta leaves and pink aquilegia for the background.


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