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New! - Try Our Origami Seed Packets
Click the picture to see the instructions (you can download the templates too)

Small Origami Seed PacketEnvelope style Origami Seed Packet

I find it very handy to have a goodly supply of seed packets around the place that are the size I want and look pretty too.  Excellent for "seed swappers" and they make good little gifts too.  Personalise a few for your gardening friends or make some of your own and send seeds to pals (you can count me as a pal if you wish ;)

Realistically you need a little computing knowledge to achieve this task.  I used Paint Shop Pro.
You can get a Free 30 day trial of the latest version from Corel.

Use the template below (Figure 1).

To start you off - right click your mouse over the image and press "Save Image As", then save the file to either your hard disc or a floppy (it's been virus checked).

Now you can open the file seedblank.gif in Paint Shop Pro and decorate it (see Figure 2 for example).  The picture I used on this one is a photo of my garden much reduced in size, but sometimes I use clipart that I have found on the net.

Experiment with different sizes to get different sized packets for different sizes or quantities of seeds.  To do this in Paint Shop Pro, open the picture and click on "Image" and then "Resize".

Now print the image and cut round it (cutting inside the black lines).

Next fold and stick the packet (see Figure 3).  Turn the picture over so that it is underneath the paper.  Imagine the additional lines shown on Figure 3.  Fold Flap 1 along the black line to the right.  Fold Flap 3 along the line so it overlaps Flap 1.  Glue Flap 3 down.  I use a Tippex glue stick for the gluing.  Fold Flap 4 along the line upwards and glue it to Flaps 1 and 3.  Now Fold Flap 2 downwards along the line.  You can either leave this open and glue it down when you have put seeds in or buy a "Post It" glue stick when dispenses resealable glue (WH Smith sell them).

Here's a few I prepared earlier :)

If you use the instructions and create some good stuff we'd really like to hear/see them!

Have fun!
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