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Alan's Polytunnel
Alan P explains how to build a Poly-Tunnel
By: Clive B 
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It makes fitting the cover a lot easier if Anti-Hot spot tape is purchased with the cover and fitted to the plastic tubes.
Pick a warm calm day to fit the cover.
Cut all the battens that hold the cover to the end frames and bottom boards (if fitted) pre drill the battens every 6inches.
Dig a trench all round the tunnel at least a spit deep and the same in width.
Unfold the cover down one side of the tunnel and pull over the tunnel, centre the cover (use the fold lines) making sure that there is sufficient at both ends to fasten to the frames.
Put a little soil back into the trench, straighten out any creases, add more soil and by pulling on the spare cover that is sticking out of the trench the cover can be stretched quite tight over the hoops. Refill the trench with soil at both sides, if boards have been used round the bottom, screw a slate batten along each side at the top of the board trapping the cover.
At one end and starting at the top pull the cover tight and fasten with the pre-cut battens, work down both sides and then repeat at the other end.
When you are happy with the cover, the spare can be trimmed off at both ends and down both sides, fill in the trenches at both ends burring the some off the spare cover.
Refit the door and any meshes/vents that have been made.
Get the plants in.
Although it may sound difficult after reading the above, it is not, most things are common sense.
Two 20ftx10ft and one 15ftx10ft have been built using a combination of the above ideas, they have stood up to the terrible storms we have had this January on an exposed site.
I have grown two crops of carrots, cauliflowers, tommies, cucumbers and the chickens are over wintering in it.
If anyone would like more details or help feel free to contact me through OGG.
Or visit me at

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