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Hyde Hall
Hyde Hall
By: melanie 
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Our visit to Hyde Hall garden.

Hyde Hall is a RHS garden in Essex.

One of the reasons for our trip was to take some photographs using my new digital camera.

Thomas wanted to use the camera too so we took lots of shots!

My mother came along too as she had been before and enjoyed the garden.
The dry garden.

The dry garden was the first area to visit and could be seen as you arrive at Hyde Hall.

The paths curved around with surprise statues and a great amount of colour. There was also a herb garden area nearby which had some lovely gourds.

My favourite area was the main pond as I keep fish and have a small pond of my own.

The waterlillies were looking good on this lovely sunny day. The numerous fish came to the edge to have their photo taken!
The wildlife garden.

This, I think, is new for 2004. Thomas enjoyed this garden the most. It was very busy as everyone likes watching the birds!

There is a wildlife pond, bird tables and lots of very long bird feeders attracting a variety of birds.

The edge of the garden has a fence made out of twisted willow which is a clever idea. There were also two small gates on the grass area which looked good too.
The shrub rose border.

The Shrub rose border is one of the best known areas of the garden. Roses growing around ropes with clematis were lovely.

There were also some small areas planted in coloured themes which lead back to the pond area.

Wooden carvings were dotted around the garden, with some for sale!

The restaurant, shop, and visitors center.

The restaurant had a good choice of food and was very busy. On the day of our visit valuations were being carried out by Sotherbys.

The tented area displayed old gardening books and tools. A visitors centre displayed paintings, and there was also an area about joining the RHS.

I decided to join and then went on to spend my 5 voucher in the shop! The choice of gifts and plants was great.
Click Here to visit the RHS
Hyde Hall Web-Site

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