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Budapest Botanical Gardens
VIII. Illés u. 25. (formerly Fűvész garden)
By: Clive B 
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The ELTE Botanical Gardens dating back to 1771, are one of the oldest of their kind in Central Europe. The Gardens are a part of the University and compared with Kew or Wisley are quite small. They are a member of Botanic Gardens Conservation International

The gardens are the scene of a famous Hungarian children's novel "The Boys of Pál Street" written by Ferenc Molnár.
Adult Admission is 400 HUF ( Forint) which is about £1.25 UKP
We had found the gardens in tourist pages on the web before we left, but did not know that the glass houses closed at 12:00 so we had just an hour to look at those first.
This is the display of aquatic plants - but with an external temperature of 27°C in the shade it was rather hot and humid, so we didn't spend very long in here
The gardens take a special interest in Bromeliads and Orchids, here we are in on of the glass houses where they grow bromeliads and have large numbers of 'air' plants hanging on wires above the benching.
Although the gardens boast 6000 plant species, in some ways these glass houses are more reminiscent of a small commercial operation as they seem to be propagating numbers of the same thing, although this might be for research purposes. There is a small plant sales area, but it was closed when we visited it.

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