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Bressingham Gardens & Steam Museum
By: Impy 
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Bressingham Gardens & Steam Museum is in Norfolk, it is the home of Alan Bloom who created Blooms of Bressingham, a well known nursery and plant supplier.

We enter through a main area off of which is the gift shop, garden centre and café, we will look around them later as we can't wait to see the gardens, we head through to the entrance to the gardens and steam museum, through the entrance, across the railway tracks of the small steam train that you can ride that journeys around the edge of the gardens and into the gardens itself (another train takes you around to the nurseries) - we stop in our tracks as the colourful borders hit us!
The Dell as it is known is a six acre garden, island beds and borders with wide lawned paths meandering around them, the array of flowers in bloom is outstanding, too many varieties to mention them all here, to be truthful I doubt I can remember all but a few of them, the flowers that really stood out were the Rudbeckias, Lobelia both in dark purple and red, Phlox in various colours and whose perfume you could smell before reaching the plants, Agapanhus lilies, lilies some still in flower others just finished flowering, all these were planted with various grasses etc.

Down near the stone and thatch summer house was a small wildlife pond, hostas and ferns dominated the beds here along with shrubs and trees.
From here we wandered through a grassed area to a largish pond where Chinese geese patrolled along with moorhens and coots, we passed this and into Foggy Bottom the home of Alan Bloom's son Adrian. Foggy Bottom is another six acre garden laid out in a similar way with island beds and borders and wide lawned paths, the difference here being that Adrian Bloom loves conifers so here you see lots of conifers of all shapes, sizes and colours, beautiful blue ones, golden ones, grey ones and various shades of green ones planted in with shrubs, other trees and again the perennial flowers in full and colourful bloom. A wander around the lawned paths of Foggy Bottom bought us to a pond with a wooden walkway across it, beautiful dark purple lobelia here against white flowers looked stunning. Now we come across a small area of the grass roped off - uninvited visitors - moles have been having a good time in the lawn!!! How disheartening it must be to see a perfect lawn become the playground of moles!!
Now we head back to the gardens that surround Bressingham Hall house, we are admiring the borders and flowers here when we see Alan Bloom himself (now in his 95th year) sitting on a bench outside the house, we go over to him to say hello and tell him what a beautiful garden he has, we stop and chat with him for a short time then continue our visit making our way to the steam museum and the Dad's Army collection. There are various steam engines - train and beam engines and railway carriages on display, now onto the Dad's Army collection and the traction engines etc., on the other side of the carousel which is giving visitors a ride.

Finally we go around the gift shop and the garden centre where there is a good selection of plants to purchase. This is a garden that we thoroughly enjoyed and would love to visit again sometime.
Click here to visit the Bressingham Gardens & Steam Museum Web-Site
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