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OGG Web-Page Wizard

Subscribers can now create & preview Feature or Visit Report Pages and submit them for publication on OGG.

Here is How to do it...

 ... or click here to see some pages made by Oggies 

Before we begin...

A feature or visit report usually has up to 3 pages and 12 pictures. Use as many or few as you like.
Larger features are possible please contact Clive or Helen to discuss.

Until you send the page to the webmaster for publication you are the only person who can see it.
The Text you enter and any formatting choices you make are stored on OGG, but the pictures you use are kept on your computer until the page is published.

It is a good idea to copy all the pictures you want to use to a new folder, as this will make it easier to find them while working on your page, and you will know exactly where they all are when you send them to the webmaster for publishing.

Once logged into the Web Page Wizard your login will last until Midnight. If burning the midnight oil save your work shortly before midnight and Login again shortly after the witching hour has passed... or your changes may be lost :( 

Click here to see a sample page, or here to get started now.

The templates you use to create the feature have a fixed number of Pictures & Text Boxes, but the final layout may be different when it is published depending on the size of the pictures and amount of text.

Because different users have different 'screens' the you should observe some size limits for the pictures:
A picture with text next to it can be up to about 400 pixels wide. (other templates to follow).
A centered picture can be up to 620 pixels wide.
The 80k (81920 Bytes) 'Album' Filesize limit for images applies.

The Table borders are shown for clarity, but are not be displayed on the final page.
You can add some basic HTML Tags to add Bold, Italic and Underline formatting to your text, Click here for Help on HTML, which also lists a few symbols and 'reserved' words that cannot be used on these pages.
There is also a page with Help on special characters, symbols and accents


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